We would like to thank the former INCF NineML Task Force members for their contributions to the text and the concepts presented in this document. In particular: A. Gorchetchnikov, M. Hull, Y. Le Franc, P. Gleeson, E. Muller, R. Cannon, Birgit Kriener, Subhasis Ray and S. Hill.

Former NineML INCF Task Force members

  • Robert Cannon
  • Robert Clewley
  • Alex Cope
  • Hugo Cornelis
  • Andrew P. Davison
  • Erik De Schutter
  • Mikael Djurfeldt
  • Damien Drix
  • Hans Ekkehard Plesser
  • Padraig Gleeson
  • Anatoli Gorchetchnikov
  • Valentin Haenel
  • Sean Hill
  • Michael Hull
  • Birgit Kriener
  • Yann Le Franc
  • Chung-Chua Lo
  • Abigail Morrison
  • Eilif Muller
  • Dragan Nikolic
  • Ivan Raikov
  • Subhasis Ray
  • Raphael Ritz
  • Malin Sandstr√∂m
  • Lars Schwabe